1st March 2013

Liver with onions

By MaitreMarcel

Liver is rich in minerals such as iron and calcium and vitamins A, D, E and K, as well as the B vitamins. But it is also rich in cholesterol and purines so you should not eat it too often.
The combination of liver and onion can be found in Italy, France, Britain, the Netherlands and elsewhere. One of the many uses of onion is that it can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.
The recipe here is rather simple and straightforward but good timing is essential – you want crispy onions, browned but not blackened, and you want bite in the liver, no shoe sole consistency.


  • Three onions
  • 750 grammes of beef liver
  • two spoonfuls of raspberry vinegar
  • butter (or olive oil)


  1. Cut the liver into small rectangles
  2. Cut the onions in slices
  3. Put butter in a frying pan, heat and bake the onions until light brown. They should have become slightly sweet (taste). Put the onions aside, add more butter and fry the liver, about 2 minutes on either side. At the end, add the vinegar and reduce.
  4. Present the liver on top of the onions, add pepper.