17th April 2013

Chick with chilli, garlic and shallot sauce

By MaitreMarcel

Sometimes you can make a delicious dish without much trouble at all. Like this simple roasted chick.
I bought the small bird because an entire chicken, especially a free-range chicken, is a bit much for just two persons.
But if you are making a meal for four then a full-sized chicken will do, you just have to cook it for longer.
Here I covered the chick with a layer of Bawang Putih sambal, that is an Indonesian chilli pepper paste with garlic and shallots.
I preheated the oven to 150 ºC and put the chick on a dish with a meat probe in a leg. I roasted it without turning or basting until the probe indicated 82 ºC, which was after about an hour.
I made a sidedish of salad, tomato and cucumber.