15th May 2013

A vegetarian meal

By MaitreMarcel

I am not a vegetarian. In fact, I almost always eat meat or fish. But there is no reason even for passionate carnivores not to eat a meal from time to time without any meat, fish or eggs.

With vegetables aplenty in Spring, I made this evening meal with carrots cooked with cumin seed (for taste), artichokes cooked with lemon (to prevent the chokes from turning black), a plate of hummus (chick peas, tahini sesame paste, garlic, lemon juice and water) with mint leaves, a salad of tomatoes, cucumber and shallot with some olive oil and Lebanese pita bread.

As desert there was melon.

Because of the hummus there was plenty of proteins and the vegetables and salad were filled with vitamins and other nutrients. Worth a try from time to time. It was also very low in fat.