6th September 2013

Marinated red mullet

By MaitreMarcel

After my version of marinated mackerel, I wanted to try it out with red mullet. This is a small reddish fish that is caught in the Mediterranean, but also in the North Sea and Channel nowadays. It has the particularity that the French like to eat the liver of this fish and eat small red mullet whole.

With this in mind, I prepared a marinade with vinegar, lemon juice and some vegetables and herbs and put a dozen whole mullets in it.

Several days later, see the picture, the fish looked interesting but the taste was not optimal and we had scales and bones in our mouth. In fact, we abandoned the fish. I filleted and cleaned them later for another use, with spaghetti and pesto.

This is the ‘adjusted’ recipe after learning from my errors.


  • A dozen red mullet
  • A celery stick
  • Three onions
  • Bay leaf
  • Pepper corns
  • Three carrots
  • One cup of vinegar
  • One cup of lemon juice
  • Two cups of white wine


  1. Wash and scale the mullet, cut of the heads and take the filets from the bone. Discard the innards but keep the liver.
  2. Slice the celery, onion and carrots.
  3. Put the vinegar, lemon juice and white wine in a pan, add the vegetables and cook for 15 minutes.
  4. Put the fish filets and livers in a container, add the liquid, let it cool, put in a refrigerator and set aside for at least two days.