3rd December 2013

Cabbage curry

By MaitreMarcel

A had some leftover cabbage, Chinese cabbage from a stir-fry and green cabbage I had used with a soup and a quail instead of the kale I had wanted.
Cabbage is a healthy vegetable – it is low in fat and calories, high in nutrients and vitamins (C and K) and helps reduce bad cholesterol. I read somewhere that cabbage is the Chinese secret for everlasting youthfulness, but I do not believe in that, if only because not all Chinese remain youthful for ever…
However, cabbage is rather boring.
This dish is not. I added Indian spices, garlic, ginger, pepper, tomato paste and lentils to turn the leftovers into an exciting curry.
For the picture I used a metal bowl because the one time that I have been in India — in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur – we had mostly vegetarian meals served in metal dishes and on metal plates.
It gives a lot of light reflection and a family member commented that it reminded her of a bowl for the dog….Dogs do not eat vegetarian, though.