3rd January 2014

Pasta with meat sauce

By MaitreMarcel

Sometimes you want something simple and pasta with meat sauce is a kind of comfort food for colder days. I do not like to buy pasta sauce in tins or jars and I did not want to go into the trouble of making a real Bolognese sauce because with the bacon (and mushrooms) it adds up to a rather filling and a bit fat sauce. Bologna, a nice town in a great part of Italy, is not for nothing called La Grassa (the fat one).

What I like about (modern) recipes for ragù Bolognese is the addition of chicken livers.
Unfortunately, the butcher’s and the supermarket had run out. I therefore added thinly sliced veal liver. I used minced beef from the butcher’s where they make it in front of your eyes and do not add any other stuff – you can see that later in the pan. While processed and packaged minced beef turns grey and soggy, the fresh version keeps its texture and browns in butter.