9th February 2014

Black-and-white chicken breast

By MaitreMarcel

We went to the Lalbenque truffle market near Cahors in the southwest of France and I had bought a small 22 grammes black truffle.
Truffle has a very delicate taste and you have to be careful not to overpower it with pronounced tastes or smells of other ingredients.

A classic French recipe is for the “half-mourning hen” (poularde en demi-deuil) where slices of chicken are inserted just below the skin of the upper half of a chicken which is then poached. One of these recipes calls for two truffles of 80 grammes each for a two-kilo chicken and that would be 160 euro worth of truffles on the Lalbenque retail market and at least 200 euro in Paris.
I made a simple version by cooking chicken breast in a skillet with butter and some stock, with a lid on the chicken for a while to get an evenly cooked fillet, and then sliced it open and inserted slivers of truffle. I reheated it slightly, added a few twists of the pepper mill and served it straight away.