20th February 2014

Rabbit with prunes and Belgian beer

By MaitreMarcel

Rabbit with prunes is a classic French dish and is usually prepared with white wine. There is a good supply of rabbits on the market at the moment and I wanted to try it out with Belgian beer instead.

I cut up the rabbit and set the innards aside. I fried the pieces in oil and butter until browned.
I sliced several cloves of garlic and shallots and had pit-less prunes of Agen.
I put the browned rabbit pieces in an oval oven bowl and added some salt and pepper.
I added the garlic and shallots and some mixed herbs in a small cloth sachet.
Then I poured two bottles of brown Belgian Trappist beer over the rabbit, put a lid on the bowl and put in in a preheated oven at 200 °C for 30 minutes after which I continued for another half an hour at  175 °C. I stirred at half-time and added the cut-up innards some 10 before the end.
Then I removed the rabbit and took put all solids with a slotted spoon. I poured the liquid in a pan and reduced by half.

Then I put it all in a serving dish.