20th March 2014

Burrata with escarole salad

By MaitreMarcel

There are plenty of culinary things that I do not know about. We recently had a dinner with a good friend from Argentina in a restaurant with my name (Marcel, 15 rue de Babylone) with which I have absolutely no relation. She opted for a dish because it had “Burrata” in it and I must confess I expected some TexMex ingredient that she, as from south America, would have a particular craving for. Of course I was complete wrong and Burrata has nothing to do with burrito and is in fact a young mozzarella filled with cream that has a buttery consistency, hence the Italian name. It has a slightly tougher exterior and fluid inside, a bit like a soft cooked egg. It was nice and when we walked past a good cheese shop in rue de Bretagne a few days later, we bought one ourselves. It comes neatly packed and tied up in a small plastic bag. Mozarella is made from cow or buffalo milk and the cream also comes from cow milk so it is a dairy product indeed with lots of proteins, calcium and…calories. I mixed it with a salad of fresh escarole, which is slightly bitter and contrast with the sweetness of the cheese, and added some balsamic vinegar as well as slivers of coppa.