18th March 2014

Cod, cabbage and chorizo

By MaitreMarcel

The other day the fishmonger’s had cod on sale, nice white chunks of cod loin fillet which are called “dos de cabillaud” here (cod’s back). The greengrocer’s was still in winter mode and had nice cabbages of which a took a green one. But because both the cod and cabbage can be bland in taste, I also bought a chunk of chorizo sausage.

I put the cod in baking paper and cooked it in a skillet.  The paper keeps the cod together and also keeps the fish white.
I shredded the cabbage roughly, washed the leaves, blanched the leaves for several minutes, drained it and then put butter in a casserole and added sufficient leaves for the two portions I was making. I cut the sausage into rectangles of 2 by 0.5 cm.
After several minutes I added the chorizo and continued cooking.
Then I made a bed of cabbage and chorizo on serving plates, put a cod fillet on top and gave several twists of the pepper mill.