10th March 2014

Haddock, beetroot and octopus salad

By MaitreMarcel

I sometimes crave for smoked fish in France, like the mackerel or eel that I was used to in the Netherlands. There is some on the market but it is not they way I would like.
There are some smoked fish products, however, that are hardly used in the Netherlands such as “bouffi” bloater – a lightly smoked herring – or the haddock.
There are large fillets of yellowish smoked haddock available on the market stalls. I still had some fresh beet from a farmer’s market and I also saw some octopus salad. A nice combination.
First you have to put the beet in aluminium foil and bake it for 1.5 hours in an oven at 180 °C degrees. Then you let it cool down, peel and cut.
The haddock needs to be cooked in water (or milk) for 15 minutes, slowly simmering, so that it can easily be flaked. I also cut some shallots and detailed the octopus
In a large serving dish I put the beet and onion at the bottom and added the haddock and octopus.