12th March 2014

Skordalia and escarole mash

By MaitreMarcel

I am not a big fan of fusion cuisine and rather stick to a style.
But sometimes the hazards of the seasons, the menu and the larder create interesting cross-cultural combinations.
So it was with this Greco-Dutch dish. It is vegetarian but you can have meat with it, like veal chops.

Skordalia is a Greek potato, garlic and olive oil mixture that you can use as a mash or, by adding more olive oil, as a velvety cream. I had made some to go with lamb.
I also had some leftover escarole after I had made a salad with burratta.

Escarole, or broad-leaved endive, is one of those vegetables the Dutch eat while others feed it to cattle. Escarole (andijvie) and kale (boerenkool) are winter vegetables full of vitamins, minerals and fibres but often ignored because of their bitter taste and unpleasant smell during cooking (due to the sulphur content).
Escarole does not have a pronounced taste and it mixed well with the garlicky potato mash.

For Skordalia
Take 750 grammes of potatoes, peel en cook in salted water for 20 minutes. Drain and cool.
Press 5 to 10 cloves of garlic. Mix the potatoes and garlic with a pestle (or in my case an electric blender plunger) and add slowly add about two cups of olive oil until you have the required consistency. Add pepper from the mill.

For Escarole
Remove damaged leaves, cut off the other leaves and wash throughly in water as there is usually a lot of sand. Drain and put in large pan and cook for about 10 to 15 minutes during which the vegetables will shrink. Take the cooked vegetable from the pan and mix through the skordalia.