14th May 2014

Soup with young fresh garlic

By MaitreMarcel

At the moment you can buy fresh garlic in France. They look a bit like spring onions. The bulb has not developed much yet and there is a long green stem. Over the next few months the bulbs will grow and the stems will dry out and lather either be cut off or be used to string the bulbs together.

I bought some when we spent a few days in the southwest. At home I fancied some soup and made this simple recipe with bread and olive oil.




  • Three young fresh garlic
  • Two dl of olive oil
  • Some dried bread (inside of a baguette)
  • One litre of chicken stock
  • Espelette pepper



  1. Make the stock from chicken bones or a cube or sachet
  2. Cut the garlic
  3. Put the olive oil in pan and heat
  4. Add the garlic and stir.
  5. Add the stock
  6. Add the bread and stir
  7. Add the pepper
  8. Check for salt
  9. (you can add one or two eggs)