19th June 2014

Grilled pork chops with chorizo on a bed of endives

By MaitreMarcel

A tasty meal does not need to be complicated. Endives are in season, it is a healthy vegetable with a bitter taste and as a standalone it is not appreciated by many. In the Netherlands, they present the endives rolled into a slice of ham and with a molten cheese sauce. That tastes good but adds fat.

Endives in beer, endives with sugar, there are many ways to accommodate the vegetable.

In this recipe I just cut up the endives and cooked it in water for 20 minutes. Meanwhile I grilled pork chops.

I put the endives into a flat oven dish, added the pork chops and put a slice of bacon on each of the chops. I used some rosemary and heated it in the oven at 200 °C  for five minutes.

On the picture you also see some potatoes, as I used up some leftovers