13th October 2014

Autumn spaghetti dish with scallops and ceps

By MaitreMarcel

Sometimes a dish creates itself when you walk around the market. The fishing season for scallops had opened and I wanted to do a simple spaghetti dish with it. The greengrocer’s had some of the last ceps – small brown button mushrooms from the Millevaches plateau in Corrèze, between Limoges and Ussel.
I cooked the ceps and scallops separately in butter. Then I brought a pan of salted water to the boil and added the spaghetti to cook until “al dente” – with bite but not too tough nor too weak. I heated up a bit of cream, added some lemon juice and mixed that with the spaghetti, scallops and ceps. After a few turns of the pepper mill, I added some chopped flat parsley.