9th October 2014

Grouse on sauerkraut

By MaitreMarcel

One of the earliest kind of game on the markets is grouse. In France it is imported from Scotland. The poultry man assured it was hunted grouse but I have my doubts due to the quantities – I fear the bird is reared and then shot. At least this means there is less of a burden on the wild population.
The vendor wanted to clean the bird and asked me to come back later but I somehow like to do the dirty bits myself. He gave me a white blood sausage for free in compensation, instead of lowering the price.
At home, I had to cut the head and remove the innards. It is important to do that from both sides – you cut the bottom and remove the intestines and stomach. Then was your hands and the belly cavity and proceed with emptying the chest cavity for the organs such as heart and liver.
With a gas flame burner I removed the last feather subs and hairs, then I wrapped some bacon around it and roasted in butter for 20 minutes, while turning from time to time.
I put the sauerkraut in a pan and added a glass of water. You can wash the fermented cabbage first but then you also remove the nutrients and other benefits of the fermentation liquid. You could add juniper berries to the cabbage. Cook for 20 minutes.
I took the bird out of the pan, let it rest, carved it in two and put a slice of smoked ham in the cavity. I put pepper on the outside.
I put the sausage in the remaining fat and cooked for 5 minutes.
I heated an oven to 175 °C degrees and put the sauerkraut in a dish and put the bird and the sausage on top. I cooked for another 15 minutes and served.