2nd December 2014

Red Mullet fillets

By MaitreMarcel

On the French markets you can find two kinds of reddish fish that look similar apart from their size – the grondin or red gurnard and the rouget barbet or red mullet. The rouget is a small rock fish and is used in Mediterranean fish soups.
With the rising sea temperatures it is also caught in the North Sea.
It has a central bone and is easy to fillet, as long as you take care of the scales.
The reddish pigment in the skin makes that the fish turn brightly coloured in the pan, like shrimp or lobster.
Here I put a little bit of olive oil in a skillet, added some sliced garlic and fried for a minute. Then I added the fillets, cooked for a minute, turned, cooked for another minute and then added some lemon juice and pepper. Serve quickly.