26th November 2016

Fresh trout on cabbage

By MaitreMarcel

At a market nearby I found a man selling fresh fish from his small fish farm in the mountains, using clean spring water, as many fish would prefer. He used a net to catch the fish from plastic containers on the back of his car.

I prepared the fish in the simplest possible fashion to appreciate the taste and presented it on a bed of green cabbage, leek and a carrot because they happened to be waiting for use in the kitchen.


  • One trout (Faro)
  • A quarter of a green cabbage
  • One leek
  • One carrot
  • Lemon juice
  • Butter



  1. Wash the fish and the peeled and cleaned vegetables. I kept the fish whole so that it would not fall apart during cooking and gutted it after wards – trout and especially farmed trout do not have messy guts.
  2. Slice the dried cabbage leaves in strips and cut the leek and carrot.
  3. Put 50 grammes of butter In two separate skillets. When it starts to foam add the vegetables in one and the fish in the other.
  4. Stir the vegetables over high heat so that the cabbage shrinks.
  5. Keep the fish on a steady fire for 10 minutes and carefully turn it once for another 10 minutes. Turn of the heat and douse with some lemon juice.
  6. Put the vegetables with a slotted spoon (to keep as much as possible the butter and water in the pan) on a serving plate and put the fish on top, either before or after gutting.