10th August 2017

Wienerschnitzel in the Ariège

By MaitreMarcel

Here in the southwest of France, I can buy rather good meat straight from the producer and my recipes tend to remain simple to obtain the most of the natural taste and flavour.
But this time I decided to turn two nice veal cutlets into schnitzels in the Vienna fashion.
First you flatten the meat with a dough pin or pounder, add some pepper and salt and then you baste it in a stirred egg mixture, coat it in breadcrumbs, put it again in the egg mixture and another coating of breadcrumbs.
It should be well-coated with no “naked” patches of meat.
In a skillet, heat a mix of butter and olive oil slowly until it stops foaming. Fry the meat at both sides, reduce the heat and continue cooking for two times five minutes. Put out the fire and douse the meant with some lemon juice. Serve with wedges of lemon.