Roast rabbit
4th December 2017

Whole roasted rabbit

By MaitreMarcel

By chance, this post is about rabbit, just as the previous one from some time ago (busy, busy). I made it after reading “Un dîner à poils ou plumes” by Stéphane Reynaud — a lovely cookbook with nice pictures. His warning with this recipe was “not for sensitive souls” and that was not without cause as the picture of my rabbit on Facebook drew various negative reactions from furry animal lovers (not furry lovers but lovers of… ) and vegetarians.

This rabbit came from the bio-market on Thursday’s in Mirepoix.

First you put in in a marinade of garlic, Worcestershire sauce, tomato ketchup, mustard, salt and some sugar for at least a day. I later added some soaking liquid from cèpes. After that you put it in an over an 160° for an hour. But that was not enough so I prolonged to 1-1/2 hour, which made for a tender and nice rabbit but not as darkly cooked as on Stéphane’s picture — two hours? 180° C? I’ll have to find out.

Anyway, with some pasta and spinach it was a wonderful meal, in fact it were a wonderful two meals.

And the cat had the innards.