30th June 2018

A light soup of clam and langoustines

By MaitreMarcel

Now that it is getting rather hot here in France, it is time to turn to light meals.

I used to make Japanese-style soups with miso and seaweed, sometimes also dashi, and while the taste is great, it adds up to a rather salty combination.

So, I improvised.

I bought some clams and raw langoustines at the fishmonger and some shiitake mushrooms at the greengrocer. I planned to use cilantro, but I only had parsley, so be it.

With a sachet of Ariaké clam stock in about two-thirds of a litre of water I prepared a stock.

I washed the clams, heated them in a skillet until they opened and put it aside.

I washed the langoustines, broke off the tails, removed the shells and then used pliers to remove the darkish intestinal tract.

I sliced the mushrooms and chopped the parsley.

I de-shelled the cooked clams, keeping the water they threw out while cooking.

Shortly before serving, I put the whole langoustine tails, clams, mushrooms and parsley in bowls and ladled the hot stock over it. Some pepper to correct and hey presto!