20th January 2019

Winter soup with lentils

By MaitreMarcel

There is nothing better than a soup to chase the winter cold.

I had some beef cheek, joue de boeuf, and paleron. These are relatively lean pieces of beef that can simmer long in soups or stews. The cheeks are also full of gelatine.

First I made a stock of the beef, with salt and an onion with cloves. I cut up leeks, a carrot, turnip, celery and parsnip in cubes and added that once the the water had boiled and I had removed the greyish muck that settles on the surface. I put bay-leave, pepper corns and  thyme in a spice holder and let it all cook for some two hours.

Then I removed the spice holder and the beef and blended the vegetables. I added a tin of tomatoes and 300 grammes of washed lentils and brought it to the boil again and continued for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile I let the beef cool down and cut it to small pieces, which I added back to the soup towards the end.