23rd September 2019

Guinea fowl with apples and cider, in a bag

By MaitreMarcel

We had a large guinea fowl, pintade, delivered to our house. The apple season has started in the local orchards so the combination looked obvious.

I cut up the bird in two filets with wings and two legs. I set the legs aside and put the back and other bits in the freezer for any future poultry stock plans.

Then I peeled and quartered a few apples and put them with the fillets in a cooking bag. I added a few cloves of smoked garlic that I had lying around. I also poured a good glass worth of cider into the bag.

After closing and sealing it, I cooked for 45 minutes at 150 °C in a pre-heated oven. This was a sturdy bird, hence the longish cooking time.

After the meat was done, I kept the fillets apart and reduced the remaining ingredients into a sauce that I passed through a sieve.