26th February 2020

Fried spinach with apple, shallot, sambal and soy sauce

By MaitreMarcel

On our weekly farmers’ market there is  good spinach on offer and I buy loads of it. They are not sold by the leave but with the stem attached.

Shortly before using, you cut off the bottom with scissors and put the rest in water for a wash. Then you drain them, dry in paper towel and cut up to whatever roughness or fineness you want.

We had also bought a bag of Pinova apples at a local grower and needed to find a way to use up three kilo’s.  That’s why I’ve started to include apple in a lot lately.

For this dish, I chopped shallots, fried them in olive oil, added the spinach and let that reduce. Then I added the apples and cooked for several minutes.

I added a large spoon of sambal badjak, which is  an Indonesian chilli paste, this one with onion flavour. Also a dash of ketjap manis soy sauce.

You could also add sesame oil, chopped ginger and/or garlic but then the spinach taste could be overwhelmed.