14th March 2021

Axoa, a Basque veal dish

By MaitreMarcel

I had been reading a book that involved a police woman from the Basque country and I wanted to prepare something of the local cuisine.
Axoa is a dish of simmered shoulder of veal with peppers, chili and Espelette chili powder.
I first cut a red and yellow bell pepper into small squares and chopped up a large onion.
Then I sliced the veal in small morsels and cut a clove of garlic.
I prepared some veal stock and washed and cut some parsley, bay leaf and thym.
I added oil in a casserole, and cooked the peppers and chilis for 10 minutes.
Then I added the veal and cooked, while stirring, for another 10 minutes before adding the stock, herbs, Espelette, salt and garlic.
I covered the casserole and let it simmer for 45 minutes.
Then I removed the lid and put the gas higher to reduce the liquid.
I presented it with home-made tagliatelle.