Eel on pasta
14th March 2021

Eel from Mèze

By MaitreMarcel

We spent a weekend with friends in Mèze on the Mediterranean, not far from Sète on the bassin de Thau.
On of the highlights of this small town is its covered market where local fishermen sell their catch and we were hoping to find eel.
We were in luck, the ladies on the stand had a bucket with wriggling live eel and also some eel that had already been skinned and cleaned. That is what I took as the skinning of eel is a messy affair.
We had a coolbox in the car to take it home.
The next day I cut the eel in 10 cm parts, fried onion and garlic in olive oil, added the pieces of eel and baked for five minutes.
The I added chopped parsley and a glass of wine and cooked for 10 more minutes. I added pepper and sliced lemon and presented it on spaghetti.
Often, the eel gets coated in flour before putting in the oil but I do not think the crust adds any benefit.