25th June 2021

Foie gras omelet

By MaitreMarcel

It does not happen often that you have some spare foie gras duck liver in your fridge. But we had bought some marked-down bloc, presented it during a game of Mahjong, and had leftovers.
Then a friend from one of the outside farms of our village came to the door to thank us for something and left 10 fresh eggs from her hens.
So that called for an omelet.
I took the foie from the fridge and cut in it in slices and put it in a bowl with some garlic and added freshly ground pepper (white from Sarawak). I beat five fresh eggs with a pinch of coarse salt (de Guérande) and piment d’Espelette.
I put a large knob of butter in a pre-heated skillet and let it melt softly, then added the eggs and let it solidify but still runny. Then I added the duck liver mix, folden the omelet in two and let it cook a bit longer.
I moved it to a plate and we had dinner.