21st November 2021

Pancakes, à ma façon

By MaitreMarcel

Pancakes are so well-known and common that there are many recipes.

I started making mine from a Dutch cookery book ‘Margriet” that my parents gave me when I left the house to study.

For a while, I added yeast to get thicker pancakes as I was looking for a more substantial dish than the French crêpes that are great for desserts but not as a main course.

The other day I used 500 grammes of white flour, 100 grammes of brown flour, 750 cl of tepid milk, five eggs and a teaspoon of salt.

The proportion of eggs is large compared to the standard Dutch pancakes, but you get thick flat cakes that remain light and digestible.

To be served with fruit jam, sugar or treacle.

(Sieve the flours and put it in a large container, using a hand mixer add salt and the milk. Then add the eggs one by one. Let it rest for at least 30 minutes)