Stracciatella soup
14th September 2022

Stracciatella soup

By MaitreMarcel

This is a simple and delicious soup that takes almost no time to prepare. Stracciatella in Italian means little rags, strips, and the name is used for this soup, an ice-cream, and a cheese.

If possible, present the hot stock in a transparent bowl and then drop the egg and cheese mixture in it, the flaking effect is nice to look at.

The base is a good chicken stock. I usually have it ready in the freezer and you could also make it from cubes, but the stock will then be saltier.

You need two or three eggs, some 150 grammes of grated Parmesan cheese, some breadcrumbs, a dash of nutmeg and chopped parsley.

Whisk the eggs, breadcrumbs, or flour, then add the cheese and continue mixing and season with nutmeg. Bring the stock the boil, add the mixture and wait for it to flake, sprinkle some parley on top and serve.