Category: Fish

10th October 2013

Lobster bisque, a creamy soup without cream

The last of my three recipes with one lobster. Okay, I had a relatively large lobster but this also works with smaller ones. After you have eaten, or presented, a lobster, you are left with a lot of broken shells as well as the soft parts in the head that not many people like to eat. You could throw it away, or use it for […]

7th October 2013

Mad about Maatjes – a herring salad

In France you can buy and eat many things, but for foreigners there is always some speciality that is difficult to find. Like Maatjes herring (or Matjes herring); fresh young herring that has only been treated with a light saline solution shortly after it has been taken out of the nets. There are pots of herring in brine, sweet and sour, but that is not […]

1st October 2013

I love this plaice – Plaice on the grill with vegetables

When I was young and lived in the Netherlands, my mother would sometimes serve us fried plaice. Apart from regular steamed mackerel, and rare moments with cooked eel, that is the only fish I can remember of my diet then. Nowadays she has branched out to Tilapia and other exotic fish species that are available in the Netherlands, but then you could mainly buy herring, […]

6th September 2013

Marinated red mullet

After my version of marinated mackerel, I wanted to try it out with red mullet. This is a small reddish fish that is caught in the Mediterranean, but also in the North Sea and Channel nowadays. It has the particularity that the French like to eat the liver of this fish and eat small red mullet whole. With this in mind, I prepared a marinade […]

5th September 2013

Marinated mackerel

There are many more ways to prepare fish than to cook it. Eskimos and some Scandinavian people allow the fish to ‘rot’ buried underground while there are many other ways to obtain fermented fish for a meal. In the past, you had to eat fish raw on the spot or you needed to control the rotting process as refrigeration was not possible. Drying fish is […]

27th August 2013

Poached brill in light cream sauce

Brill is a flat fish with solid meat. It comes close to the turbot, while less expensive, and gives thicker fillets than most sole. It can be prepared in various ways, like frying, but a healthy way of cooking this fish is by poaching it in a stock of its own trimmings.

21st August 2013

Dieppe sole

We regularly go to the port town of Dieppe. It I not too far from Paris, especially from our corner in the Yvelines, and you can buy fish almost straight from the boats. We also meet friends there. In French cooking, the name of Dieppe is linked to sole. A fish that once swam in abundance near the coast there. Just across the Channel, the […]

13th August 2013

Sea bream with fennel bulbs

As I wrote before, grilled sea fish makes for wonderful summer dinners so when the fish monger’s offered two small sea bream for 15 euro I did not resist for long. They were the right size for an individual portion. Further down the market, there were small bulbs of fennel at the greengrocer’s which made the stall smell as if she had been drinking pastis.

4th August 2013

Grilled sea bass

Another simple Summer recipe with fish. I bought a sea bass from the fishmonger’s. Usually they come in various sizes with different prices for farmed fish, fish caught with nets or with lines. The last are the best and most expensive. I only needed one fish for two people and the line-fish were too large. The fishmonger wanted to clean the fish but I declined. […]

27th July 2013

Grilled sardines

There is absolutely nothing complicated about this recipe and the result is delicious and healthy. You see plenty of fresh sardines on the French market stalls now, as it is a popular summer dish. My fishmonger said they came from Douarnanez in Brittany, once the country’s biggest sardine fishing town when the shoals swam close to the coast. On the packaging from the Rungis wholesale […]