Lobster on the BBQ

Lobster is a luxury ingredient because of its price. It is more expensive than prime beef and you can buy a whole lot of chicken for the same money. Or more than a week of vegetables.
Lobster is also relatively rare. It is not threatened with extinction, yet, but it is fished with special cages or sometimes finds itself in dragnets. There are no reared lobster in France, but there is a “lobster farm” in Malaysia that supplies some restaurants in the United States.
The meat of a fresh lobster is very tender and delicate and does not need any additions, apart from some pepper perhaps.

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Ouistreham clams

We spent a Saturday at the Normandy coast, with nice moules frites — mussels and fries, in this case with ham, chorizo and cream — in Houlgate and large windy villa’s in Cabourg along a sandy beach.

In Ouistreham, a small port down close to the Orne estuary from which ferries go to Portsmouth and Southampton, there are some fish stalls on the quai and I bought fresh clams.

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Stir-fried lobster

The other day I found a lobster in my freezer. Not that it was hiding there but I had almost forgotten that I had bought two lobsters for a discount price one day at the close of the market.
A defrosted lobster is less delicate in taste than a fresh one so for this specimen I opted to spice it up with an Asian touch and make a stir-fry.

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Lobster bisque, a creamy soup without cream

The last of my three recipes with one lobster. Okay, I had a relatively large lobster but this also works with smaller ones. After you have eaten, or presented, a lobster, you are left with a lot of broken shells as well as the soft parts in the head that not many people like to eat. You could throw it away, or use it for another preparation.

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Bucatini with lobster eggs and zucchini

Part two of three recipes I made with one single lobster. Here I will be using the eggs that were under the belly of the female lobster and which I scooped up with a spoon. The little biology I know of lobster is that the eggs first start inside the female. A female lobster mates after she has shed her shell – which lobsters do almost every two months in a process called moulting – and that explains how the male lobster can penetrate another lobster.

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Lobster, just as she comes

Normally I do not buy lobster in my village or in Paris and prefer to buy them along the coast where they are fresh and cheaper. But the other day, at the close of the Sunday market, while we were heading to have lunch in a restaurant, a fishmonger caught my attention to his two last lobsters. One was a large blue animal, the other smaller and brown. Both were clearly alive. He made a good price – the same as what I pay at the coast, outside the festive season when prices sky rocket – and we took two lobsters out to lunch.

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Grilled lobster from Cancale

We have just returned from a short holiday to mark our wedding anniversary. We went to Rouen, Dieppe and Granville in Normandy and Cancale in Brittany, because we love the coast.

In Rouen, I ate the best tripe ever, in Dieppe I had a very nice turbot, in Granville we had whelks with our beer at a bar and discovered a desert of apricot ‘soup’ with rosemary and ice cream.

In Cancale, famed for its oysters, we had a large platter of seafood for dinner and also bought a lobster and oysters to take back home.
The lobster was a good 800 grammes, blue European lobster, packaged in a box with seaweed and a bottle with ice cold water so that it could survive the journey of some 400 km.

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