Who is Maitre Marcel?

Maitre Marcel is a culinary weblog kept by Marcel Michelson, a corporate communication and media consultant who has a passion for France, food, health, culture, gastronomy and travel.

In his search for lighter and more healthy versions of  classic French cuisine, Marcel endeavours to make new associations in a bid to create tasty meals that are also healthy, as in less salty, less fat and less copious.

He uses the products of the seasons, from nearby sources and markets. He makes dishes with left-overs and buys parsimoniously, while not avoiding the occasional expensive ingredient.

Reuters news agency, now Thomson Reuters, for over 20 years and he worked and lived in several countries outside his native Netherlands. He has been writing and editing in English ever since university.

At work, he was a chef as chief correspondent for corporate, commodities and energy news in Paris, until the end of a five-year expatriate contract in 2011. After a brief stint back in Amsterdam, he took the plunge and gave up his well-paid job, steady but boring despite the adrenalin rushes, to seek a fresh adventure in Paris where his wife had remained working at the OECD.

Marcel and Maartje now live in the beautiful village of Lagarde in the Ariège. They have a Dutch language weblog on their life in France, called Artisjok & Art de vivre  (Artichoke and the art of living).

You can contact Marcel for any culinary matters or commissions, as well as for any assignments in the communication and media field, on marcel (at) m2media.fr.

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