24th April 2019

Garlic and pepper sauce for roast lamb

The other day I had ordered a leg of milk-fed young lamb at the butcher’s for Easter, but he provided an older and heavier animal and I ended up with 2,5 kilos of meat.We decided to invite four people over for an impromptu Easter Sunday lunch.

20th January 2019

Winter soup with lentils

There is nothing better than a soup to chase the winter cold and this beef and lentils soup does the trick very well.

23rd December 2018

Red Mullet with a crust of salt

Red Mullet, rouget-barbet in French, is a rock fish of which some amateurs even eat the entrails.

It has a thick layer of scales that normally need to be cleaned but with this recipe you can leave them on.

29th August 2018

Pyrenees crawfish

Crawfish are a rare delicacy in France, especially as they are far less abundant than several decades ago when the red legs and white legs still populated many streams and lakes. But they are for sale, or can be caught, here in the season in the Pyrenees.

8th August 2018

Catalan-style marinated peppers

  The other week we drove to Maury to buy some wine. We had been seeing friends at Cubières-sur-Cinoble, and drove through the Gorges de Galamus, and arrived in Maury just as the shops closed. So we decided to have lunch and found La Placette with a big terrace. There my wife had a starter that included finely sliced peppers; we were in the Catalan […]