Tag: Aubergine

24th June 2014

A rice dish with eggplant, beef and raisins

A long time ago, I left my parents house to study at university in the big city of Amsterdam. My mother gave me a book of recipes as I had already showed signs that I would not be eating pizzas and French fries all the time but actually do some cooking. In my first student room – a rented room with a family in the […]

13th November 2013

Vegetable Jalfrezi

The other day I made an Indian dish of vegetable Jalfrezi, using ingredients I could find on the market plus some special spices that are also available in some supermarkets as well as in specialised stores. Indian cuisine is not as widely available in France as in Britain and in Paris there is a relatively strong showing by the Pakistani neighbours and the almost ubiquitous Vietnamese […]

12th June 2013

Aubergine purée

An aubergine is a rather strange-looking vegetable and I believe the first time I ever used one was when I made a Turkish-inspired dish of stuffed aubergine with minced meat when I was living on my own as a university student. Since then, the abundance of Turkish, Greek and Indian restaurants has helped to bring the aubergine to the more northern European climes while in […]