Tag: BBQ

1st August 2014

BBQ quail with bacon

This is another version of quail grilled on the barbecue. Here I removed the breast bone and flattened the bird and then wrapped strips of bacon around it. I grilled it for 15 minutes and then put it in the oven at 180 °C for another 20 minutes.

7th July 2014

Quail on the barbecue

Sometimes you do not need much for a great dinner. Like this recipe of quail grilled on the barbecue. I had four prepared quail, with its innards still inside, and I flattened them. I put a leave of sage in each bird and then inserted wooden pins in a cross-like fashion. This was to make the grilling easier and an unflattened bird would brown unevenly […]

2nd July 2014

Lobster on the BBQ

Lobster is a luxury ingredient because of its price. It is more expensive than prime beef and you can buy a whole lot of chicken for the same money. Or more than a week of vegetables. Lobster is also relatively rare. It is not threatened with extinction, yet, but it is fished with special cages or sometimes finds itself in dragnets. There are no reared […]

13th August 2013

Sea bream with fennel bulbs

As I wrote before, grilled sea fish makes for wonderful summer dinners so when the fish monger’s offered two small sea bream for 15 euro I did not resist for long. They were the right size for an individual portion. Further down the market, there were small bulbs of fennel at the greengrocer’s which made the stall smell as if she had been drinking pastis.

9th August 2013

Spareribs with a garlic and chilli sauce

On our village market there is a stall of a butcher specialising in pork. The Landsmann family comes form the east of France, where many people live with German-sounding names due to the changing position of the borders over the centuries. One of his best-selling products is ‘travers de porc’; a cut of ribs with a chunk of filet attached. I grill it on the […]

6th August 2013

Spatchcock on the grill

The first time I read the name ‘spatchcock’ in a recipe book (perhaps in Ms. Beeton) I had to chuckle. Not because of the other meaning of ‘cock’ but probably because I thought I had read ‘splashcock’. I am not dyslectic but study at university and work as a real-time news agency journalist means I am always reading fast and need to restrain my reading […]

25th July 2013

Grilled sea bream (Dorade)

For me, Summer time is about light meals with fresh ingredients. About barbecues and plancha’s where you do not need to cook with fat, and the only olive oil you use goes over a salad. It also reminds me of great days spent along the Mediterranean coast, eating grilled fish at restaurants. I often went to Cannes, not for the film festival but a multi […]