Sole with clams and crushed potatoes

We often go to Dieppe and buy fresh fish there on the quay, walk around the market and have lunch in one of the many restaurants.

A favourite place often serves “crushed potatoes’ as a side dish – cooked potatoes crushed with a fork and some cream for smoothness.

Back home, I tried my version to accompany a dish of small sole with a clam sauce.

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Tripes à la mode de Maitre Marcel

It takes guts to eat guts.

Many people frown upon, or worse, the idea of eating an animal’s innards. In my family we would occasionally eat liver or blood sausage but that was the limit. Heart, brain, kidney, stomach or tripes were at best for the dog.
Just to say that I am not a born amateur of offal. (Which derives from the Dutch/Germanic word afval, Abfall for waste)

However, I have an open mind, and mouth, and have not often come to regret the experience.

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