Tag: Capon

1st January 2017

Festive capon with cider and apples

A capon is a poor animal as it is a castrated rooster that becomes a fatter bird than its reproductive brethren. It is larger than a normal chicken and is often used in France for the end-of-year meals. Stuffed, you can feed eight people with one bird. Here I am combining a poaching technique with roasting. This helps getting the entire bird cooked, not just […]

30th December 2012

Capon in a bag

In France, the traditional Christmas roast is a big bird like a turkey, goose or capon. In the days before the festivities the shops are loaded with dozens of varieties with differences in weight and quality. Usually, the birds are stuffed with chestnuts, meat and mushrooms. After Christmas, some of the birds are left over and that is how I bought a 2.5 kilo capon […]