Tag: chives

11th June 2013

Asparagus with scrambled eggs and chives

Asparagus is a special kind of vegetable. The white stem is due to the plant being grown in a mould of sandy earth from which only the tips, flowers, may emerge and they are dug up before any colouration. Green asparagus grow in the open and that makes them normally green. In the Netherlands, asparagus are called “white gold” and people eat a lot of […]

10th June 2013

Spaghetti with mascarpone and chives

If you are serious about cooking with the seasons, then one of your first tasks is to check what is growing in your own garden. Or, in our case, the flower boxes hanging outside the windows. This week that meant, due to recent potting of herb plants by my darling wife, that I had a lot of chives to work with. They are a bit […]

25th April 2013

Duckling legs with prunes, beans and tomatoes

Duck is widely used in France, especially in the south-west where they also stuff ducks for the liver. Duck meat is often tough and needs long cooking. On the market in Dieppe, I found a farmer who sold ‘canetton’, ducklings. Not the small birds with a soft down, but larger, almost half-size, birds. This meat is tender and the portion is sufficient for one person. […]