Tag: coriander

16th December 2014

Spaghetti, clams, coriander and soy paste

I usually stick to one style or one cuisine when I make or change dishes but here the Italian and Japanese traditions where so close that I could not resist to mix and match. So instead of using white wine, olive oil and parsley for spaghetti alle vongole, I used a soybean paste, coriander and some seaweed powder. The result was excellent.

4th December 2013

Sea bream fusion

I was reading some Chinese cookery books I had bought in Beijing a few years back. I had to smile about the clumsy English but then, I could not read the characters in the original version so the translator helped me a lot. There are a lot of vegetables and herbs the Chinese use in their cooking that are difficult to find here and not […]

12th June 2013

Aubergine purée

An aubergine is a rather strange-looking vegetable and I believe the first time I ever used one was when I made a Turkish-inspired dish of stuffed aubergine with minced meat when I was living on my own as a university student. Since then, the abundance of Turkish, Greek and Indian restaurants has helped to bring the aubergine to the more northern European climes while in […]