Tag: Easter

15th April 2014

Roast leg of lamb for Easter

Man can be cruel. Thousands of years ago man sacrificed animals to honour the gods. We evolved a bit since then, became less barbaric and many people embraced monotheism. Nevertheless, it is Spring, the Christians and Jews celebrate the resurrection of Christ, non-believers toast the end of winter, and what do we do? We sacrifice lamb, we eat (chocolate) eggs…we celebrate the return of new […]

22nd March 2013

Rabbit with mustard and prunes

Rabbit meat is very popular in France which is the fourth-largest producer in the world after China, Italy and Spain with 40 million animals consumed per year. Rabbit meat is a lean kind of meat with little cholesterol but with plenty of proteins, minerals and Omega 3 fatty acids. The quality of the meat depends, as always, on the way the animals were kept, fed […]