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11th March 2015

A verrine recipe of grapefruit, wasabi egg white and prawns

At lunch parties, certainly in France, there is an expectation that there will be a starter, a main course and dessert, perhaps even with cheese before the dessert. So how do you keep all that light? And how do you make it look interesting and taste surprising?

23rd December 2013

Creamy roasted garlic soup

This soup is delicious in itself but it is also a very good remedy against hangovers. Perhaps it is an idea to have some ready that you can simply warm up the morning after the evening in the festive season… There are several versions of garlic soup, especially from the southwest of France where they have the tourin – with onions and eggs – or, […]

31st October 2013

A ‘Spanish’ omelette

There are some dishes you make with a certain idea in your head and some available ingredients. It can turn out nice or not. This ‘Spanish’ omelette turned out very nice but let me wonder about what I had planned to make in the first place.

9th October 2013

Bucatini with lobster eggs and zucchini

Part two of three recipes I made with one single lobster. Here I will be using the eggs that were under the belly of the female lobster and which I scooped up with a spoon. The little biology I know of lobster is that the eggs first start inside the female. A female lobster mates after she has shed her shell – which lobsters do […]

11th June 2013

Asparagus with scrambled eggs and chives

Asparagus is a special kind of vegetable. The white stem is due to the plant being grown in a mould of sandy earth from which only the tips, flowers, may emerge and they are dug up before any colouration. Green asparagus grow in the open and that makes them normally green. In the Netherlands, asparagus are called “white gold” and people eat a lot of […]