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7th October 2015

Pan-roasted burbot tails with smoked ham

Yes, burbot. Aka Mariah, freshwater ling, coney-fish. It is a very old species with a kind of spine instead of bones, as well as a rather large mouth, and does not win beauty prizes. On French market stalls you find it already skinned, gutted and beheaded in appetising white parts. The burbot lives in fresh or brackish water, such as river estuaries, and it looks […]

29th August 2014

Cauliflower soup with Avesnes cheese and smoked ham

Cauliflower is a very healthy vegetable with anti-cancer and detox properties. However, it stinks when cooking and has a very bland taste. Basically, it is boring and needs something to liven it up. Often it is combined with cheese, as in the British cauliflower cheese dish or the Dutch cauliflower with cheese sauce dish. In France, cauliflower is often prepared with a white sauce of […]

19th January 2014

Chicken ham?

I was slightly surprised when I read on a menu in a small restaurant in the town of Lyons-la-Foret a dish that was called “jambonneau de volaille”, small chicken ham. Ham is pork, chicken is poultry, what is going on here?