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17th January 2018

Braised lamb shanks with carrot, tomatoes and quince

Lamb shanks are called “souris d’agneau” in French and are the top end of the leg, which is often sold in slices at the butcher’s. They give nice one-person portions and look pretty with the bone sticking upwards. It takes a long time of cooking and can be prepared in advance. Many restaurants do that in France so that they can serve the dish quickly […]

15th April 2014

Roast leg of lamb for Easter

Man can be cruel. Thousands of years ago man sacrificed animals to honour the gods. We evolved a bit since then, became less barbaric and many people embraced monotheism. Nevertheless, it is Spring, the Christians and Jews celebrate the resurrection of Christ, non-believers toast the end of winter, and what do we do? We sacrifice lamb, we eat (chocolate) eggs…we celebrate the return of new […]

16th October 2013

Rolled-up lamb roast with carrots

I sometimes buy vacuum-sealed meat from quality providers and put it in the freezer. One of these suppliers is Greffeuile with the Alaiton lamb from the Aveyron region. Here I made a Sunday roast dish of a rolled, deboned, lamb shoulder, with two colours of turnips. I had also bought some herb and lamb sauce made by Michel Bras. But it is also tasty without.

20th August 2013

Rack of suckling lamb

A few months back, during a farmer’s market, I had bought a rack of suckling lamb from a producer in central France. It is called “Agneau alaiton”. The meat was sealed and I put it away in the freezer. With eight ribs, I was waiting for a dinner party to present it.

6th May 2013

Roast leg of lamb

This is one of those dishes that seems simple but can easily go wrong. Done properly and it is succulent, done badly and it is…well, tough. The quality of the meat is important. Here, I used a leg of lamb we had bought on a farm. I had it frozen and that means you need to get it slowly to room temperature before cooking. Ingredients […]

29th April 2013

Ode to Spring (lamb chops with fresh vegetables)

Yes, the winter seems to have released its grip on France and we even had a good week of sunshine before the sky turned greyish again. The result was noticeable on the town market as fresh seasonal vegetables appeared on the stalls, from French regions and not from Africa or Spain. I had bought lamb chops from a farmer/butcher near Neufchatel-en-Bray in Normandy and combined […]