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21st June 2015

Fresh garlic in olive oil (Ail nouveau confit)  

This weekend I made several jars of fresh new garlic preserved in olive oil. It is a very tasty condiment that allows you to use healthy garlic all year long. Garlic is an ingredient that has its fans and fiends. It is a healthy bomb of vitamin, some find it tasty and others hate the smell, in particular afterwards on the breath of others. I […]

14th May 2014

Soup with young fresh garlic

At the moment you can buy fresh garlic in France. They look a bit like spring onions. The bulb has not developed much yet and there is a long green stem. Over the next few months the bulbs will grow and the stems will dry out and lather either be cut off or be used to string the bulbs together.

12th March 2014

Skordalia and escarole mash

I am not a big fan of fusion cuisine and rather stick to a style. But sometimes the hazards of the seasons, the menu and the larder create interesting cross-cultural combinations. So it was with this Greco-Dutch dish. It is vegetarian but you can have meat with it, like veal chops. Skordalia is a Greek potato, garlic and olive oil mixture that you can use […]

7th January 2014

Roast chicken with garlic

It is almost a year ago that I put a recipe for this dish on the blog. This time I made it even simpler and purer. I had a few heads of garlic left over, bought on an organic market, and they were starting to get mouldy so I had to use them or throw them.

3rd January 2014

Pasta with meat sauce

Sometimes you want something simple and pasta with meat sauce is a kind of comfort food for colder days. I do not like to buy pasta sauce in tins or jars and I did not want to go into the trouble of making a real Bolognese sauce because with the bacon (and mushrooms) it adds up to a rather filling and a bit fat sauce. […]

24th July 2013

Garlic sauce Aïoli/Allioli

People in the south of France love garlic, and so do I. In the southeast of the country, towards Italy and the old Savoy region, they make Aïoli which is the name of a condiment and a meal. Towards the Pyrenees mountains, closer to Spain and in the former Catalonia principality, it is called Allioli. Basically, it is raw garlic with olive oil. But there […]

29th April 2013

Ode to Spring (lamb chops with fresh vegetables)

Yes, the winter seems to have released its grip on France and we even had a good week of sunshine before the sky turned greyish again. The result was noticeable on the town market as fresh seasonal vegetables appeared on the stalls, from French regions and not from Africa or Spain. I had bought lamb chops from a farmer/butcher near Neufchatel-en-Bray in Normandy and combined […]