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5th May 2015

Canard à l’Orange (Duck with oranges)

This is one of those French classical recipes that have many variations and of which the roots are not clear. Chef René Lasserre made it famous in his Paris restaurant in 1945, but the dish can have been brought to France by the cooks of Catherine de Medicis , who brought several refinements to the French court of Henry II, not least the usage of […]

13th September 2013

Duck with oranges

Canard à l’orange is one of those classic French recipes that have been around for ages and have changed over time. This particular recipe seems to have appeared first in French cookery books in the 19th century and they may have been influenced by Asian cuisine. After all, it is a sort of sweet and sour duck dish and there is a Cantonese recipe for […]

13th February 2013

Duck fillet with orange and chicory

I had a leftover magret de canard in the fridge from our most recent trip to the south west, it is a fillet of duck with the skin attached. Usually you put in on a grill or in a pan and the fat of the skin will drip down. In a skillet you can use that fat to fry the duck. However, I wanted a […]