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2nd July 2015

John Dory with lime

“I do not know that cocktail” was the reaction of a contact in New York after he heard of my plan to have a “cool John Dory with lime” after a late afternoon (for me) conversation. It is a fish. There are many competing explanations on why the fish is called that way in English – either from Golden Yellow (Jaune Dorée in French, but […]

7th January 2014

Roast chicken with garlic

It is almost a year ago that I put a recipe for this dish on the blog. This time I made it even simpler and purer. I had a few heads of garlic left over, bought on an organic market, and they were starting to get mouldy so I had to use them or throw them.

31st October 2013

A ‘Spanish’ omelette

There are some dishes you make with a certain idea in your head and some available ingredients. It can turn out nice or not. This ‘Spanish’ omelette turned out very nice but let me wonder about what I had planned to make in the first place.

12th June 2013

Aubergine purée

An aubergine is a rather strange-looking vegetable and I believe the first time I ever used one was when I made a Turkish-inspired dish of stuffed aubergine with minced meat when I was living on my own as a university student. Since then, the abundance of Turkish, Greek and Indian restaurants has helped to bring the aubergine to the more northern European climes while in […]