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25th July 2016

Sambal – A chilli sauce with Indonesian roots

The other day we saw a big bag of fresh red peppers at the greengrocer’s for just one euro because some had a few spots. We did not hesitate to buy them to make homemade sambal. Sambal is a chilli sauce from Indonesia. Perhaps sauce is not the right word, it is more a paste. A thick sauce. There are many varieties and recipes, you […]

8th April 2014

Beef and barley soup with an Asian touch

It is Monday and the butcher’s is closed because they open on Sunday morning. Go figure. I had abandoned buying meat at the supermarket because it is better from the butcher and, surprisingly, often even cheaper. However, when I saw a kilo of beef at the supermarket at 5 euros, with the mention “Limousin” for the provenance, I fell for the offer. At first I […]

12th December 2013

Squashed chicken on the grill with sambal

I like chicken and I like to use the grill, but without a rotating spit it is hard to get the bird cooked evenly. As with the spatchcock recipe of August , I removed the spine from the bird and flattened it between two chopping boards before inserting two skewers to keep the legs and wings in position.

17th April 2013

Chick with chilli, garlic and shallot sauce

Sometimes you can make a delicious dish without much trouble at all. Like this simple roasted chick. I bought the small bird because an entire chicken, especially a free-range chicken, is a bit much for just two persons. But if you are making a meal for four then a full-sized chicken will do, you just have to cook it for longer. Here I covered the […]