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9th October 2014

Grouse on sauerkraut

One of the earliest kind of game on the markets is grouse. In France it is imported from Scotland. The poultry man assured it was hunted grouse but I have my doubts due to the quantities – I fear the bird is reared and then shot. At least this means there is less of a burden on the wild population.

26th November 2012

A “light” version of Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut, fermented cabbage, is part of the Germanic diet and eaten from the Netherlands to Poland, with Germany and the Alsace region in France being the standard bearers. In the times before refrigeration, the fermentation process allowed people to have access to vitamins and nutrients in winter when other vegetables were scarce. Sauerkraut still has many vitamins, such as vitamin C, lactibacili and other nutrients […]