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14th August 2013

Bull stew (Gardiane)

Yes, you read that correctly. Bull stew. A stew made with the meat from bulls, not from cows. Bulls raised for the local bull fighting, roaming in semi freedom in the Camargue area where the bulls are not killed in the fights. The area, dangerously close to the oil refineries and petrochemical plants of Marseille, is known for its free-ranging horses and flamingoes. It is […]

8th April 2013

Provençal beef stew

As Spring is late in coming, I have made some dishes for colder times such as this beef stew, which is a variation on the well-known, but not always well-made, bœuf Bourguignon. These hearty dishes take a lot of time to cook and are often rather fat. However, you control the fat content yourself by using leaner pieces of beef or by cutting away the […]

26th March 2013

Veal stew Marengo

French cuisine is full of myths, mystifications and fables. Classic recipes sometimes have disputed origins. So it is with dishes named ‘Marengo’, after the June 14, 1800, battle in northern Italy by Napoleon against the Austrians. One of the stories is that Napoleon’s cook, a Swiss chef named Dunand, the son of a chef for the Prince of Condé in France, assembled some meagre provisions […]

13th January 2013

Snail stew

It is well-known that people eat snails in France and some other nationalities baulk at the very idea of consuming these slimy, slow-moving, pink-coloured gastropods. It is a matter of taste, but once you go for mussels, raw oysters and sea snails like the winkle or whelk, the step to snails is not that big. Of course, snails are cleaned before consumption – they are […]